The markets has fascinated me ever since I’ve first had my eyes on it many years ago. The idea of being able to press a button and be entered into the biggest financial arena in the world simply captivates my mind. There is no other endeavor that has the ability to provide endless streams of riches in such an incredibly short amount of time while also humbling you just as quickly.

I’ve fumbled and flopped on my face more times than you can count throughout the years. Learned many useful things but also a lot of the wrong ones. 

This website is a way for me to organize, share, and create trading related content that will help anybody aspiring to be a trader.

My content will be heavily focused on self development, trading psychology, money management, and fundamental truths about the market. So if you’re looking for stock picking tips, my opinions about where your favorite stock is headed, or how to trade head and shoulder patterns, you’re in the wrong place.